Bag Filters

We provide the customers a wide range of dust collectors that is especially designed keeping in mind the nature of dust as well as the loading of a specific application. The filtration media requires to be carefully chosen as per the requirement of a particular application. For manual and in the case shaking bag filters, the woven canvas cloth is normally used, while in the non woven polyester needled felt is also used as a filtration media for the pulse jet bag filters. We also design, fabricate as well as supply the bag filters for the hundreds of bags in order to accommodate the various bulk orders of the customers.


  • High performance
  • All material is FDA compliant
  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • Available in single and double length
  • Various micron ratings from 1 to 200 (felt material)


  • Drinking water and water treatment plants
  • Highly viscous fluids
  • Filter press pieces