Paddle Mixer

The paddle mixer is the newest generation of mixers, developed for low and medium shear batch mixing. It has been designed for mixing powders, granules and solids with liquids. The paddle mixer is a multi-purpose mixer for processes where fast mixing with limited product distortion are important.

Paddle mixers can be provided with double shaft paddle for reducing the mixing time and quality. It can be designed for batch type and continuous process of operation

Typical Applications

The paddle mixer is suitable for a wide variety of process applications, including:

  • Mixing of fragile powders and 'instant' agglomerates
  • Mixing of powders with liquids
  • Sterilisation and pasteurisation of product batches
  • High-temperature processing of powders and liquids
  • (Vacuum) drying at low temperature with liquid recovery

Working principle paddle mixer

The mixing vessel is cylindrical, U & W type and equipped with a central paddle rotor. When it rotates, the rotor creates a combination of vertical and axial motion in the vessel. The paddles guide the product gently to the surface of the vessel, where it is dispersed and the gravitational pull at the centre of the mixer forces the product back down to create continuous motion throughout the mixing cycle, even at low speed.

The mixing process can be optimised by controlling the mixing energy, which can be achieved by adjusting the rotational speed. The paddle mixer has a typical rotor speed of between 1 and 10 m/s.